Monday, 15 May 2017

Hi all

Homework this week as follows;

-English spellings and definitions.
-Irish spellings in children's Gaeilge copy.
-Gaeilge reading p. 36.
-2 Maths sheets based on area.
-1 English sheet containing 3 Grammar activities all to be completed in English Writing copy.

Also the children have a home project to complete this week based on Birds in our Locality. The children have been asked to research facts, stories, descriptions and migrating patterns of any 1 local bird. We will be making the project in class but I have asked that all the children have their information in with them on Thursday (in time for our IT session).

The projects will be judged as part of a school wide competition next Monday.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hi all,

with regards homework this week the children have;

-14 English spellings, to include understanding of definition.
-2 Maths sheets in relation to weight.
-1 Cloze Procedure without a word bank whereby the children must fill in what word they feel is appropriate using experience and context.
-1 Book Summary; this is where I have asked the children to read their book for 10 minutes each evening and write 3-4 sentences on summary of that evening's reading. The children are allowed to read whatever book they want so long as it is a novel.
-I have asked children that they bring this novel and their LĂ©igh sa Bhaile into school everyday this week.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the sunshine.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hi all,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.

With regards homework the children do not have spellings due to the short week. The children have 2 cloze procedures, one per night. I recommend spending no more than 20 mins or at a push 30 mins per night on each. While I understand the children may require some level of support with homework I would ask that in so far as possible the children complete the work on their own.

The reason for this is that 4th class cloze procedures can be difficult and I would like the children to gain independent practice. I have already iterated the point that it is ok if they find it difficult or that some of it is incorrect. What is important is practice of the thinking process involved.

Also the children received their previous week's spelling tests home, if these could be signed and returned as soon as possible please.

Also our last session of swimming occurs tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine!